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Available Software for Meta-Analyses of Genome-Wide Expression Studies

[ Vol. 20 , Issue. 5 ]


Diego A. Forero*   Pages 325 - 331 ( 7 )


Advances in transcriptomic methods have led to a large number of published Genome- Wide Expression Studies (GWES), in humans and model organisms. For several years, GWES involved the use of microarray platforms to compare genome-expression data for two or more groups of samples of interest. Meta-analysis of GWES is a powerful approach for the identification of differentially expressed genes in biological topics or diseases of interest, combining information from multiple primary studies. In this article, the main features of available software for carrying out meta-analysis of GWES have been reviewed and seven packages from the Bioconductor platform and five packages from the CRAN platform have been described. In addition, nine previously described programs and four online programs are reviewed. Finally, advantages and disadvantages of these available programs and proposed key points for future developments have been discussed.


Genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, meta-analysis, genome-wide expression, microarray experiment.


PhD Program in Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Universidad Antonio NariƱo, Bogota

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