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Gene Expression Profiling as a Tool for Positional Cloning of Genes- Shortcut or the Longest Way Round

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 7 ]


Lena W. Rosenlof   Pages 494 - 499 ( 6 )


The identification of quantitative trait loci, QTL, in arthritis animal models is a straight forward process. However, to identify the underlying genes is a great challenge. One strategy frequently used, is to combine QTL analysis with genomic/proteomic screens. This has resulted in a number of publications where carefully performed genomic analyses present likely candidate genes for their respective QTLs. However, seldom the findings are reconnected to the QTL controlled phenotypes. In this review, we use our own data as an illustrative example that “very likely candidate genes” identified by genomic/proteomics is not necessarily the same as true QTL underlying genes.


Gene Expression Profiling, Cloning, quantitative trait loci, arthritis animal, phenotypes, proteomics, genomic analyses


Section for Immunigenetics, University of Rostock, Schillingallée 70, 180 55 Rostock, Germany.

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