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Current Screens Based on the AlphaScreen™ Technology for Deciphering Cell Signalling Pathways

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 2 ]


Said Taouji, Sophie Dahan, Roger Bosse and Eric Chevet   Pages 93 - 101 ( 9 )


Global deciphering of signal transduction pathways represents a new challenge of the post-genomic era. However, for the majority of these signaling pathways the role(s), the function(s) and the interaction(s) of the signaling intermediates remain to be characterized in an integrated fashion. The global molecular study of cell signaling pathways and networks consequently requires sensitive, robust technologies which may allow in addition multi-parallel and highthroughput applications. The Alphascreen™ technology, relying on a bead-based homogenous approach, constitutes a valuable tool to detect and quantify a wide range of signaling events such as enzymatic activities or biomolecular interactions. In this article, we exhaustively review the literature and report the broad spectrum of Alphascreen™-based applications in the study of signal transduction pathways.


Signal transduction, signaling, Alphascreen™


Avenir, INSERM U889; Universite Bordeaux 2, Bordeaux, France.

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